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Hi. I don't normally get in touch with restaurants but having spent over £50 across two takeaway orders from your Aldridge (Walsall) restaurant in the space of a week and having missing items as well as poor quantity and quality in both orders, I feel like I need to bring this up. First of all - the good things - extremely quick delivery, was impressed with how quickly both orders arrived and both orders were piping hot. Secondly, the wings you guys produce are truly top quality. I'm a big Nando's fan like many people and your wings are very much on par with theirs. But everything else - really needs looking at and sorting out. I placed two orders recently via JustEat - the first was on 12/9 and came to £23.85. The second order was a week later on 19/9 and came to £27.35. We only ordered a second time because of the quality of the wings. The first order (12/9), the Mac 'N Cheese side was so plain and such a small portion. It genuinely tasted like the canned mac 'n cheese you can buy from any shop. It tasted low quality, uninspiring, bland and there was nothing unique about it. The Philly Steak wrap, almost £10 was shockingly tiny in size, more like a couple of mini spring rolls laid next to each other. Whilst it had a nice flavour, we couldn't help but feel ripped off. Again, the wings were fantastic. The fries were okay. Our second order, to give you guys another chance, on 19/9 was worse. We ordered 10 wings with coleslaw, 2 x Afrikana fries, the Halloumi burger (Hallou-Me and you), and Hummus and bread. Firstly, we didn't receive the coleslaw and we didn't receive any bread with the hummus. The hummus once again tasted store bought and nothing more than average. The Halloumi burger was so disappointing and we felt like we'd been ripped off. It was basically just a brioche bun (standard supermarket one), with no dressing or sauce so the bun was dry, a couple of leaves of salad (not worth even doing) and a tiny portion of halloumi probably worth about 50p. It tasted bland and was missing flavour. We were so disappointed by the order once again, and especially by the missing coleslaw and bread for the hummus that we didn't bother calling to complain, but having thought about it we should have. It's such a shame as the concept of your restaurant is great and we would have gladly ordered again if the quality and service (i.e. actually sending our full order!) was good the second time but it was as bad as the first. It's a shame as I love the wings from your restaurant and have told others about how good they are (as well as what we didn't like). I would like a reply from the manager please to explain why the our order was missing both the coleslaw and the bread, as well as why the portion sizes/quality is so poor. The concept is obviously aimed at competing with Nando's but at least with Nando's you get a decent helping and considering the size of their operation, I've never had a wrong order from them in probably 100+ visits. David

David Drysdale, 29 Sep 2020


Alima, 03 Apr 2020

We never received our chips we ordered but what we did have was yummy


Never received our chips we ordered though


Came before the time they gave me. Chicken was lovely and fresh and the portion size is good.


Very nice food!


Delivery was much quicker than estimated delivery time, food tasted great, everything still hot except chips which is understandable considering the distance.